Sycamore & Suburbs Moving Service, LLC

Sycamore & Suburbs Moving Service, LLC provides local, out-of-state, apartment, and dorm moves

Sycamore & Suburbs Moving Service, LLC Moving Services

Moving Services include: Special Packaging & Crating, Pianos (+Other Large Items), Furniture Packing, Antique & Artwork, Loading & Unloading, and Assemble & Disassemble.


We are here to help you move your property safely whether it's down the street or across town, our local service will get you moved in without a hitch.


Looking to re-arrange your home? Our intra-building service will allow you to stage your home for sale, or simply refresh your current furniture layout.

Long Distance

If your big move is taking you out of town, then we've got you covered, we can get you loaded and relocated on time and for your under budget.

What makes us the best moving company for you


You can depend on us to provide accurate estimates, then follow-up with friendly, efficient, and stress-free relocation services.


Each of our movers is trained to ensure the safety of both the location and your belongings. We are practiced in loading and moving large, awkward, and delicate pieces.


We have extensive experience providing service in the Illinois area - handling moves of all sizes, local or long-distance. We have the know-how.


Through organization and efficiency, we are able to deliver the best in service at affordable, competitive rates.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Moving Company Instead of Doing It Yourself

New job in the big city? Promotion across the country? Starting your dream business out of state? Everybody moves eventually, and while leaving college may have been easy with a backseat full of garbage bags (stuffed with all of your worldly goods), many household moves are simply too big and complex to try to carry out on your own.

Moving companies in Northern Illinois fill an important niche. We do an unpleasant job that most people really don’t want to do. While your new city may hold endless potential for adventure and discovery, the actual process of moving involves strenuous physical labor and lots of time. Moving companies aren’t always necessary, but they will undoubtedly save you so much time, hassle, and stress that you’ll wonder why you ever did it yourself.

Pros of Hiring Our Moving Service

  • No Heavy Lifting – Moving can severely injure your body if you aren’t used to properly carrying heavy items. When you hire our moving service, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself, fitting that big furniture piece through a doorway, or getting your belongings down multiple flights of stairs.
  • No Packing – For an extra fee our movers will pack up your house and apartment. Simply set them to work, and they will box up everything, room by room, and you can focus on your new job, new school, or whatever other challenges await you at your destination.
  • No Driving a Moving Truck or Trailer – Driving a rented moving truck or trailer can be intimidating. Additionally, the fact that the truck is filled with all of your prized possessions can add to the stress of a DIY move. Not to mention, moving across multiple states while driving a moving truck can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Experienced Professionals – We hire experienced movers to get the job done. Day in and day out, we help people and companies move locations. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are pros at packing and transporting your belongings in the most efficient and safest way possible. Getting your possessions to your new home or office is our top priority, and we have all the tools, tricks, and experience to get it done affordably and hassle-free! From oddly-shaped desks to heirloom grandfather clocks to bulky wooden dressers, we’ve got you covered.

What Our Customers have to Say

See what our happy customers have to say about our movers excellent work

“Fantastic service- available when I needed, quick responses, professional, friendly, and got the job done smoothly. Thank you very much!”


“These guys are great! I have used them several times within illinois and between states. They have done a great job every time, and I’ve never had an issue. The pack things very well and work fast as well. Some people in my family have also used them and have been very impressed with the quality of work. Their prices are the best I have found around as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company.”

Brandon Jeralds

“The three guys were polite, efficient, and friendly. They got everything done in a timely manner and even helped out with things we needed taken to the dumpster. They moved things when we changed our minds. I highly recommend them.”

Jamie R.

“We were extremely pleased with how professional, helpful and friendly Scott, Jason and Kevin were. They made our move go so smoothly. By the time moving day came we were stressed, sleep deprived and, somewhat disorganized, but Jason and Kevin were extremely helpful. They moved everything quickly and efficiently. Their rates are very affordable too! We highly recommend them.”

Karyn Higgs